Design & Construction

There are different ways to build an arena. It is important to note that every arena is exclusive in its use and its design. Since each arena is built with your individual needs in mind, no detail is overlooked in the design and construction process. Custom plans and renderings are created and used throughout the process. Detailed photos, measurements and aerial photos are taken and enlarged to help answer questions through each step of the process. Soil conditions, grade considerations and landscapes are just some of the important topics that are reviewed regularly by our team with you. Our goal is to have you involved as much as you would like throughout the process.​

On the Level handles the entire process from start to finish for you. To help make the design and construction process as seamless as possible, our expert team is available when needed. From our state of the art computer programs to using the best materials and construction equipment, our goal is to design and build your dream arena. After all, a well designed and built arena is something to be extremely proud of.​

Arena/Round Pen Maintenance​

Top performing arenas need to be at their best at all times. Routine maintenance is needed to help keep your arena operating at its peak. Maintenance on an arena can relate to something as simple as changing the oil in your car. If you don’t change the oil when it’s recommended, the most likely scenario is that your car will break down and will cost more to fix it. To avoid any major repairs it is beneficial that you enter into the habit of regular preventative maintenance. ​

On the Level can help you to establish a schedule for routine maintenance. Our team will provide advice on important topics like arena grooming, types of footing, amount of use and weather conditions. These areas of focus are just some that should be considered when deciding on what kind of maintenance and how frequently the footing should be rejuvenated. Arenas in general should be rejuvenated once a year to bring footing material back to optimal condition. If an arena is exposed to weather conditions, the base might have to be re-lasered every couple of years, especially those arenas exposed to freezing conditions.

On the level offers the following Maintenance services:​

  • Arena Grooming
  • Arena re-lasering/grading
  • Dust control
  • Freeze control

Footing Consulting and Installation​

The quality of footing should never be questioned as a rider or owner. There are many blends of material that have been introduced into the market where quality has come into question. Consistency in superior quality and reliability in schedule delivery are only some of the reasons why On the Level chooses to work with only one footing supplier. The relationship with our footing supplier has allowed us to offer competitive pricing for a wide variety of superior products that will last for many years of safe, enjoyable riding ahead. ​

A variety of samples are brought on site to show and explain the pros and cons of each. Our footing specialists will recommend the best blend of materials based on your needs and will make sure the footing is installed under their guidelines and supervision. The blend that is used in your arena will be determined based on your feedback and what your specific needs include.​


Drainage is one of the most important things that should be taken into consideration when building an arena. If an appropriate drainage system is not in place, erosion issues will quickly develop and lead to an un-rideable and unsafe arena. A custom drainage system is built depending on your location and the quality of the existing soil. On the Level will find the best system that suits your arena needs.

Equestrian Site Planning /Layout

Planning for an arena requires a great deal of thinking and can be very stressful. On the Level Precision Grading can help relieve this stress by talking to the owner, taking his/her ideas and translating those ideas into a set of drawings that will show arena location, drainage, access from barn to the arena, and landscaping.​

In addition to site planning, On the Level works with you to create a layout early in the process. This will help to establish where the best location for the arena is and what the ideal access in/out of the arena is. A detailed site plan will include such details as best entrance for maintenance equipment and seating for guests. Detailed site planning is also critical in helping to control costs and ensure that a scheduled timeline is met during the construction phase.

Paddocks & Pastures Grading/layout​

Paddocks and Pastures become worn out over time. Rocks, ruts and inconsistent surfaces can wreak havoc on your horse. Re-grading paddocks & pastures is not only advantageous for the growth of grass, but most importantly it is safer for horses. Our team can help to re-grade and rejuvenate your paddocks and pastures.​

Emergency Repairs​

If an arena is not performing at its peak, it can be for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason is, it must be resolved immediately. On The Level will assess the issues and work to resolve them immediately.​

There are many reasons why an arena might require emergency repairs. Some of those repairs are caused by improper or lack of maintenance. Some of the most common issues we see are listed below.​

  • Groomer was set too low to the point that the base in coming up and mixing with the footing ​
  • Footing too loose​
  • Footing too hard​
  • Arena footing is too dusty​
  • Arena in uneven (footing, base, mats)

General Laser-grading Services

Grading can be achieved in different ways and its tolerance varies depending on the surface that is being graded. On The Level has years of experience working with various projects ranging from front lawns and athletic fields to house lots, parking lots and driveways. Our industry experience allows us to offer insight and a working knowledge of different grading and drainage scenarios that will best suite your project. This expert experience allows us to offer the highest quality in the industry.